Tributes in Israel for murdered rabbi

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Tributes in Israel for murdered rabbi

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The coffins of the two children and their father who were shot in Toulouse have been flown to Jerusalem for a Jewish burial.

In Israel friends and family have been remembering the 30-year-old rabbi and his two children who were aged four and five.

As a child, Jonathan Sandler was sent to school in Toulouse. When he finished, he went to study in Jerusalem, where he continued to live for three years.

“He wanted to give to others, yet what he had received back was modest. He was happy with his wife and children. Sadly we experienced a similar tragedy as we lost a daughter in an attack on a bus in Jerusalem. No one gets over such things,” recalled his aunt.

As a rabbi the teacher was well known in France’s Jewish community where he worked as a volunteer and wrote a column for a monthly newspaper. His cousin explained how he was coming to terms with the tragedy.

“When I was notified it was very difficult. It is very difficult for me, but every Jew must know there are things that we just fail to understand and that this was a sentence from above and that only good, God willing, will come of it,” he explained.

The loss has been felt deeply throughout Israel while some people believing French Jews could be targeted have urged them to leave their home and move to Jerusalem for protection.

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