Police fear Toulouse gunman will strike again

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Police fear Toulouse gunman will strike again

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Police fear the killer who gunned down four people at a Jewish school in Toulouse, southwest France, could strike again.

François Molins, the prosecutor handling the case said the same assassin carried the murder of three soldiers of North African origin in the region earlier this month

All of the victims were shot in the head at point blank range.

“No leads have been ruled out at this point. We are facing an extremely determined individual, who knows he is being hunted and could attack again,” Molins told reporters on Tuesday.

He could not in a position to confirm reports that the gunman filmed the school shootings, but described his actions as “terrorism in the legal sense of the word.”

Security has been stepped up at synagogues and Jewish schools across France following the murders.

The terror level in Midi-Pyreenes has also been hiked to scarlet; the highest level since the four-point system was created in 2003.

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