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French Jews shocked by Toulouse shootings

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French Jews shocked by Toulouse shootings


France’s Jewish community has reacted with horror to the murders in Toulouse. Parents, teachers and community leaders said the killings had sent shockwaves throughout their ranks.

One woman, whose son is a pupil at the Lycée Ozar Hatorah, said the government must step up security at all religious schools, including a beefed-up police presence.

“I think that’s the least of things (they should do),” she said.

A male teacher said the whole school was “in shock” and that “we will have to be extra vigilant.”

Gil Taieb, the vice-president of the Unified Social Jewish Fund, a leading community group in France, told euronews that the outpouring of grief across the country was “a normal Republican reaction.”

“The fact that the whole country has been moved by the murder of these people is an ordinary reaction that would have been the same no matter which school had been affected, no matter whose children had been killed,” Taieb said.

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