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Deadly shooting at French Jewish school


Deadly shooting at French Jewish school

At least three children are among four people who have been killed in a shooting outside a Jewish school in Toulouse in south-western France.

A teenager was also said to have been seriously wounded in the incident, which occurred as students were arriving for morning classes at the Ozar Hatorah school, according to local officials. They added the man had arrived on a scooter before opening fire and then driving off.

The local state prosecutor said he “shot at whatever was in front of him.”

It comes after two similar attacks in the same region in recent days. Two soldiers were shot dead in the town of Montauban last Thursday. That followed the killing of another serviceman, in Toulouse, three days earlier. He was gunned down by a man who fled the scene on a scooter.

Police have said the same type of weapon was used in both those assaults, and French media are reporting the same calibre weapon was used in this morning’s attack.