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Alevi in Germany protest against Turkey's Erdogan

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Alevi in Germany protest against Turkey's Erdogan


Up to 25,000 people gathered in Bochum in West Germany to protest against an award meant to be given to Turkish prime minister Recep Tayipp Erdogan. T

he demonstration was organised by Germany’s Alevi community, who claimed Erdogan’s cancelled trip was a victory.

However, Erdogan officially did not visit Germany because of the Turkish helicopter crash in Afghanistan on Saturday.

One demonstrator described her feelings: “Here in Germany we are foreigners, we are foreigners in our own country. We do not know where to go as Kurds and as Alevites,” she said.

Gathered at a local football stadium, the minority groups displayed banners showing why they did not think Germany should award Erdogan a prize for tolerance.

Posters accused Erdogan of being anti-democratic and portrayed him with a Hitler moustache.

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