Syria: Army gains grounds as uprising marks anniversary

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Syria: Army gains grounds as uprising marks anniversary

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As Syria’s uprising marks its first anniversary, forces loyal to President Assad have taken over the the restive city of Idlib.

Rebels have been forced out of their northwestern stronghold. One year on, the regime looks more determined than ever to crush this revolt.

A week after travelling to Idlib, two Turkish journalists are reported missing. Fears for their safety are acute after other reporters were killed in the violence tearing Syria apart.

Despite Kofi Annan’s mission to Damascus, there is no negotiated settlement in sight.

President Assad has now replied to the former UN Secretary General’s peace proposals but the details of his response are not yet known.

Annan will brief the Security Council on Friday. Russia and China have already twice vetoed draft resolutions condemning Syria.

In a fresh development, Saudi Arabia said it had closed its embassy there and withdrawn all diplomats and staff.