Swiss bus crash reports in the Belgian press

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Swiss bus crash reports in the Belgian press

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Belgium was in shock this morning after the crash that caused the death of 28 people, including 22 children.
State French-speaking TV dedicates a special news bulletin about the accident available online.
« This drama will shake up Belgium» Is the headline of the biggest Belgian newspaper, Le Soir , which provides a very complete report on the accident. It covers for example the first reactions of King Albert II, who won’t go to Switzerland but will instead meet the families of the victims.
The daily also provides a photo gallery of the accident and also follows every detail of the difficult trip of the victims from Belgium to Switzerland in two Belgian Defence airplanes.
In its live coverage, Le Soir also gives links to the testimony of the emergency services at the scene 
Le Soir’s website opens a dedicated space where readers can give their condolences and express their grief.

‘La Libre Belgique’ has also created a live chat to allow readers to express their sorrow. 
In their special coverage titled “Belgium in shock“  the newspaper offers all the details and the latest reactions to the accident.
The special coverage of French-speaking ‘La derniere heure’ newspaper is also titled ‘Belgium in mourning’

And of course, every Flemish newspaper is giving extensive coverage of the tragedy as the children came from the region: 

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