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  • Russian president Putin says that GDP in first 10 months of the year is up by 0.6/0.7% – He says that the current economic situation is provoked by external factors (Reuters)
  • Russian president Putin says that despite turbulent financial markets, Russia’s revenues will be higher than spending (Reuters)

A project designed by students and supported by the European Youth Capital 2012 scheme is reaching the four corners of the planet at the speed of a few clicks. It’s called Bewarket and is “a kind of eBay where you can buy and sell inside Facebook”. Marco Barbosa, one of the designers said: “This is an application where users can buy, donate, sell or resell products to their “friends”, who invite themselves as “friends” to accept the application and extend the geographical reach of the Bewarket.”
Marco gave an example: “I want to buy an iphone. I can “follow” an iphone and whenever there’s a new review I am notified. I can ask a friend what they think of Skins and they can ask a friend to sell me their Skins, getting a percentage of the sale.”
The European Youth Capital was the first to click “like” and to put products online. “Braga is a Portuguese city with lots of technological support structures for youth entrepreneurship. Proof is the support we’ve had in publicizing the project,” explained Rui Ramos, another founder of Bewarket.
There are three founders in all, Marco, and Rui Miguel, three young entrepreneurs who decided to bet on Facebook and “post” a new application in the “profile” of the social network. But don’t think that Bewarket came out of a simple chat into the early hours. The concept of “social commerce” was developed by Marco as he was writing his master’s thesis on electronic commerce. Then he went looking for partners who believed in the project.
Co-founder Rui Ramos said: “It is a global platform that can be used in all countries where Facebook is present. We have business plans and economic studies that demonstrate the viability of the project.”
Today, most users are in Portugal but there are also growing numbers in Brazil. “We have to be entrepreneurs every day due to economic difficulties,” said Joel Carlos Pereira of the Board of the Foundation Bracara Augusta, Braga charge of organizing the 2012 European Youth Capital.
Entrepreneurship is essential for young unemployed people
Entrepreneurship is one of the major focusses of the European Youth Capital, which is organizing several workshops to demystify the
word “entrepreneur.”
“Do not think that being an entrepreneur means just creating your own business,” says the head. “We can be entrepreneurial within a company as an employee too.”
Braga wants to open doors for everyone and has invited young unemployed people to participate: “Entrepreneurship is essential for young unemployed people because we are the best prepared generation ever.”

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