Belgium mosque is attacked with a petrol bomb

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Belgium mosque is attacked with a petrol bomb

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Muslims in the Anderlecht district of Brussels have mourned the death of the imam at their local Mosque after a man threw a petrol bomb through a window

The victim was aged 46 and died from smoke inhalation – a second man suffered knife wounds.

Police say they have detained a suspect.

Anderlecht’s Mayor Gaetan Van Goidsenhoven was quickly on the scene and told reporters that he condemned the attack and hoped the person responsible will be suitably punished.

Belgium has a 500,000 strong Muslim population. Although there is no clear motive police say there have been occasional acts of violence within the Muslim communities in the area.

Our reporter in Brussels, Isabel Marques da Silva said: “The attack occurred a few minutes before final prayers, a fact which may have prevented more injuries. It has however greatly shocked the local residents with the authorities hoping to discover what made the perpetrator use such violence against a place of worship.”