Drawing up movie deals in Lyon

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Drawing up movie deals in Lyon

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It is back to the drawing board for animation filmmakers gathering in Lyon. The French city is hosting the annual Cartoon Movie event, where creators and financiers do deals on funding animation features.

Producers get to pitch their ideas to investors, distributors and foreign partners, with the aim of speeding-up financing. It is thought that since its 1999 debut Cartoon Movie has generated more than a billion euros worth of funding for almost 200 films.

Marc Vandeweyer, director of Cartoon Movie said: “Animation films export really well. It’s astonishing to think that an animation feature can do better outside its own borders than at home – something live action films struggle to do.”

This year 50 film projects are doing the rounds, hoping to make the big leap from the story board to the silver screen.

Our correspondent at the event, Wolfgang Spindler said: “Cartoon Movie is the cradle for European animation films. Sometimes those films become very successful. Two of this years Oscar nominations – “Chico and Rita” and “Une vie de chat” were movies presented here.”