New single mum at 66 sparks Swiss ethics row

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New single mum at 66 sparks Swiss ethics row

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A single woman has made headlines in Switzerland after becoming a first-time mother at the age of 66, thanks to in-vitro fertilisation.

The birth of the twin boys has sparked an ethics row in the country. Michael and Joshua were born two weeks ago at a hospital in the eastern Swiss region of Graubuenden.

The unnamed woman travelled to Ukraine for the treatment, as in Switzerland IVF is only permitted if parents are young enough to raise children to maturity.

Sperm donation is limited to married couples and egg donation forbidden.

“The law in Switzerland should be changed in the right direction, not to make 60 year old women mothers but to help younger women who really have the right to get pregnant,” said Dr Michael Jemec, a specialist in reproductive medicine.

The new mother, a church pastor, is the oldest woman ever to give birth in the country.

One newspaper accused her of selfishness and irresponsibility, saying that by the time her sons become teenagers she will be in an old people’s home.

The woman was quoted as saying she wants to enjoy the event in peace.