US tells Israel all options are open on Iran

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US tells Israel all options are open on Iran

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US President Barack Obama has told the Israeli Prime Minister that he is ruling nothing out over Iran.

The two met in Washington today to discuss growing tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme which both believe has military aims.

“I reserve all my options”, said President Obama. “Having said that I know both the prime minister and I prefer to resolve this diplomatically. We understand the cost of military action.”

America is hoping tough economic sanctions on Iran will force them to co-operate with the West but while both leaders seem united, Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel retains the right to act alone:

“Israel must have the ability always to defend itself by itself against any threat. And when it comes to Israel’s security, Israel has a right, a sovereign right, to make its own decisions.”

Obama says he understands that from Israel’s perspective it is unacceptable to have a country with nuclear weapons that has called for the destruction of Israel. He added that America will always be its ally.