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Obama warns of 'consequences' over Iran strike

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Obama warns of 'consequences' over Iran strike


President Obama has been explaining his policy on Iran and Syria at a news conference in Washington.

On Iran’s nuclear programme, the president said there would be consequences for both Israel and the US if action was taken prematurely – and it was wrong to think a decision had to be made in the coming weeks or months.

“We have a window of opportunity where this can still be resolved dissolved diplomatically, that’s not just my view, that’s the view of our top intelligence officials, that’s the view of top Israeli officials,” he said.

On Syria he said the US could not take military action unilaterally, but he was confident President Assad would go.

“What’s happening in Syria is heartbreaking, and outrageous and what you have seen is the international community mobilised against the Assad regime and it’s not a question of if Assad leaves, it’s a question of when.”

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