Tesco to open more stores with 20,000 new hires

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Tesco to open more stores with 20,000 new hires

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British supermarket chain Tesco says it will open new stores and create 20,000 new jobs there over the next two years.

The UK’s largest retailer — which has lost market share — is battling back from a profit warning earlier this year.

As well as updating existing stores and opening new outlets Tesco, which is the biggest private sector employer in Britain, said it will focus on creating jobs for young people expanding its apprenticeship programme to provide 10,000 apprenticeships.

“We will invest in more staff on the sales floor at busy times, (provide) greater expertise and help in the crucial areas of fresh food, and enhanced quality and service across our stores at all times,” Richard Brasher, Tesco’s UK chief executive, said in a statement.

“With youth unemployment at record levels, we’re determined to target many of our new jobs at young people currently out of work, so that in this difficult jobs market those who need help the most will get it.”

Tesco did not specify how much it would invest in the scheme or how many new stores it would open.