Stanton enters brave new world with 'John Carter'

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Stanton enters brave new world with 'John Carter'

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Based on classic novel, “A Princess of Mars,” by Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter centers on the adventures of ex-military captain John Carter, who finds a mysterious portal from Earth to Mars and becomes embroiled in a civil war that threatens to destroy the red planet.

The sci-fi flick marks Oscar-winning director and writer Andrew Stanton’s directorial debut into live action. He won Best Animated Feature Oscars for “Wall-E” in 2008 and “Finding Nemo” in 2003, and has written screenplays for the “Toy Story” series, “Monster’s Inc.” and “A Bug’s Life.”

The director deduced that only physical strains marked the difference between filming animation versus live action.

Stanton said: “I was so used to talking to people for years on other movies about the look of the film, what the characters had to do, how we’re supposed to frame things, and I’ve had those discussions for 20 years. I just now am doing it outside, under duress, under great heat, under great cold, so it was really just the physical stamina.”

The movie stars new Hollywood heart-throb Taylor Kitsch as John Carter.

Kitsch said: “He’s truly an everyday guy. I love that part of Carter. He’s an everyday guy put in extraordinary circumstances, so that’s probably the most endearing quality of him.”

Actor Willem Dafoe says he enjoyed playing his character, the alien king Tars Tarkas: “My character’s nine feet tall and we actually filmed all the scenes for the animators to animate to. I had to wear stilts and a camera on my head and sometimes arm extensions and sometimes an extra pair of arms and lots of things to do this so it was interesting.”

“John Carter” opens in Europe this month.

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