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Obama warns Israel against talk of war with Iran


Obama warns Israel against talk of war with Iran

In a move aimed at deterring Israel from launching a premature strike on Iran, Barack Obama has called for diplomacy over aggression.

The US president was addressing an influential pro-Israeli lobby group on the eve of talks with Israel’s prime minister.

Washington and its allies suspect Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons, a claim Tehran denies.

“For the sake of Israel’s security, America’s security and the peace and security of the world, now is not the time for bluster; now is the time to let our increased pressure sink in, and to sustain the broad international coalition that we have built,” said President Obama.

Earlier Israel’s President Shimon Peres described Iran as an evil ,cruel and corrupt regime which is a “danger to the world”.

“Peace is our first option but if we are forced to fight, trust me, we shall prevail,” he added.

Iran has continued to develop its nuclear programme despite recently tightened US sanctions and the European Union adopting an oil embargo.

Israel is convinced the Islamic Republic is close to acquiring an atomic bomb, but says a nuclear-armed Iran is not an option.


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