At least 37 dead in US tornado devastation

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At least 37 dead in US tornado devastation

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At least 37 people have now been confirmed dead after tornadoes hit several Midwest and south-eastern states in the US.

In Kentucky, many houses and buildings have been completely destroyed. Twenty people have so far been reported dead.

Although tornadoes occur throughout the year in the US, 90 alone were reported on Friday.

The states of Indiana, Ohio, Georgia and Alabama were also ravaged by twisters. President Barack Obama has offered federal assistance to help the affected areas.

In Indiana, powerful tornadoes ripped parts of the roof off a local high school. Due to a quick evacuation response, no lives were lost. Many locals however are still coming to terms with the trauma.

Dawn, a teacher at the school said: “My kids and the adults, we were in the closet but we were kind of peaking out. We saw it coming, we all just huddled together, got down on the ground and put pillows on our head.”

One person has been reported dead in Alabama and at least 40 homes were destroyed. The death toll throughout all the states is expected to rise as rescue teams and state troopers make their way through the debris.

Cody Stewart, a tornado victim said: “I think I’m going to live in an apartment for a while, just to kind of decide where I want to go because, I mean I’m not superstitious, but it just seems like there is a kind of path here and I don’t want to be in it again.”

Twisters also swept thought Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Tennessee earlier in the week, claiming 13 lives. Weather warnings continue to be issued for Georgia, Alabama and Florida.