USA: All to play for in Republican primaries

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USA: All to play for in Republican primaries

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The race for the Republican nomination for the White House continues with Mitt Romney being tipped to win Washington state on Saturday.

Romney has emerged as a possible front runner as “Super Tuesday” approaches – the day when 10 states will decide who they want to take on Barack Obama in November’s presidential election.

But analysts say that while Tuesday’s results could prove a boost for Romney they are unlikely to hand him the nomination.

His rival Rick Santorum will be pleased to hear that. The former Senator from Pennsylvania is far from out of the race and is pinning his hopes on blue collar voters, having made manufacturing a centrepiece of his campaign message.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is still in the race and is not expected to drop out after Tuesday whatever the 10 states decide. He will be conscious of the fact that no clear favourite has yet emerged and that could still be the case after Super Tuesday.

Likewise the Texan Representative Ron Paul. He too knows that this could be a long drawn-out process that’s unlikely to be decided before April.

The danger for all of them is that the voters will simply lose interest.