Homecoming for Costa Allegra passengers

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Homecoming for Costa Allegra passengers

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Passengers from the stricken cruise ship Costa Allegra have been arriving home at European airports.

In Rome, 36 holidaymakers touched down telling how they endured several days of unbearable heat and appalling hygiene after a fire shut down the vessel’s power supply.

One had to return home because she was suffering from bronchitis.

“Four days with no air, without anything, how could I stay there. It’s true they offered us a good resort but I have to see a doctor and have X-rays,” she said.

There were similar stories from passengers arriving back in Paris too, but plenty of praise for the ship’s company.

Brigitte Lorain from Nice said: “There was no panic, we followed all the instructions. The captain and his crew deserve a medal.”

Coming so soon after the loss of the Costa Concordia the fire on the Costa Allegra has proved to be an extra headache for the ships’ owners.

President of Costa Cruises France, Georges Azouze, told reporters: “There have been two incidents in a short period, but one was a catastrophe and the other was a breakdown. Of course Costa Cruises will take its responsibilities and will investigate.”

The Costa Allegra had been drifting out of control in the Indian Ocean with a thousand passengers and crew on board. It finally reached port after being towed to the Seychelles.