Obama 'not bluffing' on Iran

Three days before the Israeli and US leaders meet to discuss Iran’s nuclear programme, both men have set out their countries’ positions. Barack


Costa, bad luck cruises

Three days on the top deck of the cruise ship Costa Allegra in the Indian Ocean. Tropical heat, a thousand people, minimal comfort… Swiss television


Serbia gets EU candidate status

Belgrade and Brussels have moved a step closer together. Serbia’s long-sought status as a candidate to join the European Union has been approved. It


Is austerity the best policy?

Martin from Brussels put this question to Marc Touati, economist and author of the book, “When the eurozone will explode”: “Are austerity policies a


Ex-Olympic site for sale

Trying to raise cash to pay off its debts, the Greek government pushes ahead with privatisation plans and has invited bids for the future management


EU leaders sign new fiscal pact

European leaders have put pen to paper on a new treaty they say will bring the bloc’s debts under control. The so-called fiscal compact, driven by

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Children Muay Thai boxers

A Muai Thai boxing match was held in a club in Pattaya, eastern Thailand, on the evening of Feb. 24. What was special about the match was the