Syrian rebels withdraw from Homs stronghold

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Syrian rebels withdraw from Homs stronghold

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Most Syrian rebels fighting government forces pulled out of the Baba Amro district of Homs on Thursday, said activists, as snow blanketed the besieged city.

A few fighters stayed behind to cover what supporters say is a tactical withdrawal by their comrades.

Syrian state TV showed images of the destruction caused by the 26-day siege. Many of those residents interviewed blamed rebels for leaving their neighbourhood in near ruin.

Government forces have been bombarding Baba Amro, a symbol of the 11-month revolt against President Bashar al Assad, since February 4th.

Observers say the snow is just adding to residents’ misery. There is a shortage of food, fuel, power, water and telephone links.

“This bakery is the only one making bread,” said one local resident of Homs’ Qusair district.

“If I come and say I want 10 pieces of bread, they will just give me five. Why? Their supplies of flour are running short.”

Fuel prices have also soared eight fold.