Senegal presidential goes to a second round

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Senegal presidential goes to a second round

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Opposition candidate Macky Sall will challenge Senegal’s incumbent leader Abdoulaye Wade to a run off for the presidency in roughly three weeks time. Despite coming second to Wade, Sall is confident the people want change.

In his first news conference since Sunday’s vote Macky Sall said: “Although the first round was conducted in an acceptable fashion, we’re not out of the woods concerning making sure the will of the people is realised, so I appeal to everyone to be as vigilant as possible, to mobilise and to maintain the momentum.”

President Wade won the first round but fell short of the absolute majority needed to avoid a second. However, his bid to extend his two terms in office to three has been deemed illegal by his rivals and sparked violent street protests.

The eventual result will now largely depend on who the supporters of third placed Moustapha Niasse decide to back.