Greece rejects bailout commissioner

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Greece rejects bailout commissioner

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Another round of cuts generated another protest outside the Greek parliament on Wednesday, though this time the response was a lament and not a riot. It featured musical performances from well-known Greek singers.

Inside the assembly, politicians were approving reforms targeting health spending. The debate, and now traditional accompanying protest, came as EU leaders prepared to give final agreement to Greece’s second bailout programme.

In Brussels Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos insisted it would be implemented by his government. He said: “The new economic programme for Greece will be implemented by the Greek government and the Greek authorities. And I think this is sufficient, our own work and the cooperation of the Commission to ensure the effective and full implementation of the programme.”

This was a strong rejection of suggestion from Eurogroup leader Jean-Claude Juncker that the EU appoint a commissioner for Greece to oversee the country’s reconstruction that the bailout terms require.