The Costa Odyssey of one mother

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The Costa Odyssey of one mother

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The cruise ship Costa Allegra, powerless on the Indian Ocean is under tow from a French tuna boat heading for the main island in the Seychelles. It is yet another change in the plan to get the ship and its thousand plus passengers to safety.

Coming so soon after the tragedy of the Costa Concordia it has left one mother feeling powerless. Her son, James was a dancer on the stricken vessel survived.

Now Jayne Thomas is waiting to hear news of her daughter, Rebecca – also a dancer – who is adrift on the Costa Allegra.

“I just couldn’t believe it was happening all over again less than, well just six weeks after James came home and here we were back at square one. It is mixed emotions knowing that there had been an incident but it was under control and all I really want to do is see my daughter,” she said.

The Costa Allegra is expected to arrive at port on Thursday. A statement from the owners said helicopters would ensure continuous supplies of food given, what they call, “ the difficult conditions on board.”

A spokesman for the Italian coastguard agency said it would be wrong to make analogies to the Costa Concordia disaster, “they are not related,” he said. For one mother they are very closely related.