Syria fighters make weapons claims

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Syria fighters make weapons claims

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Free Syrian Army fighters in the region of Homs have told news agency reporters that militia groups fighting the Assad regime have received arms from unconfirmed French and American sources.

The unidentified fighters said they were now in possession of anti-aircraft missiles and they were going to use them.

Meanwhile shelling inside the city of Homs appeared to reach a new intensity on Tuesday with scores of people killed or injured according to activists. Across the country a Syrian Human rights group said Tuesday’s overall death toll had reached 122.

The United Nations has revised its estimate of the number of civilians killed by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces since the start of the revolt. At least 7,500 are now thought to have died.

News that wounded British photographer Paul Conroy had been safely spirited out of Homs into Lebanon was welcomed in the UK.

However, there remains concern over the whereabouts of French journalist Edith Bouvier with conflicting reports about whether or not she had been successfully been smuggled out of the city.

Both have been among several foreign journalists trapped in Baba Amro, a neighbourhood in Homes, where two other media colleagues were killed in a bombardment on February 22.