Romney wins primaries as the battle heats up for Super Tuesday

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Romney wins primaries as the battle heats up for Super Tuesday

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Mitt Romney is a step closer to cementing his position as the Republican candidate who will take on US President Barack Obama in November’s presidential election, after winning primaries in Arizona and Michigan.

Romney now looks to be the frontrunner, as the candidates head into another round of primaries next Tuesday.

“It’s a crucial time for America. It’s our time for choosing. And this time, we’ve got the choice right. I’ve said it before and I firmly believe it, that this campaign is about saving the soul of America,” Romney told a cheering crowd.

Romney’s win in Arizona was widely expected, and Michigan is his home state – his father served three terms as governor there.

Mark Turner, one of his supporters, thought the victories put Romney in a good position for the rest of the race: “I think it’s going to carry him from now on. I think this is all he needed to close the deal.”

“I’m so excited, so pumped that Mitt got both Arizona and Michigan today. He’s the man to turn this country around. I’m just so excited,” said Marina Wagatha, another Romney fan.

However, Romney’s victory does not stop main rival Rick Santorum in his tracks.

Santorum is ahead in some of the most important states that will vote on Super Tuesday – including Ohio, Tennessee and Oklahoma.