Romney wins Michigan and Arizona primaries

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Romney wins Michigan and Arizona primaries

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In a tight run race, Mitt Romney has won both Michigan and Arizona in the latest Republican presidential primaries.

For Romney taking Michigan – his home state where he grew up – was crucial to show doubters over his Republican credentials that he could appeal to conservatives and blue collar workers.

Acknowledging his win he once again went on Obama attack.

“Did he fix the economy ? No. Did he tackle the housing crisis? No. Did he get America back to work? No. Instead he put us on a path towards debt, deficits and decline. It’s time to get off that path and get back on the path of American prosperity.”

But the win in Michigan against Rick Santorum did not come easily.Throughout the count the result was too close to call. Santorum and his religious and economic conservatism is striking a chord with many Republicans.

“It’s getting harder for people to make ends meet because we have a government that is crushing us every single day with more taxes, more regulations and the idea that they know better then you how to run your life,” he said.

All eyes are now on the Washington caucuses on March 3 followed by ‘Supper Tuesday’ on March 6.