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  • North Korea’s news agency KCNA reports leader Kim Jong-un released American Jeffrey Fowle considering ‘repeated requests of US President Obama’ – REUTERS

No more austerity! That was the demand from unions in Brussels a day before EU leaders are due to gather in the city for a summit which will be crowned with a new fiscal treaty.

The pact’s aim is to control deficits in the bloc, but as in other parts of Europe which also saw protest action, demonstrators called for a new strategy.

‘‘Come up with another policy, your policy of austerity isn’t working and is creating a gulf between citizens and you the leaders of Europe.’‘ said one protester.

‘‘Greece is in the red. But Swiss banks hold Greek assets which are worth three times more than that country’s public debt, so there is a way of finding the money without workers having to pay,’‘ said another women at the rally which was held in front of the EU Commission.

Reporting from the protest euronews’ Gülsüm Alan said: “As anti-austerity rallies take place across Europe, EU leaders are getting ready to sign on new fiscal treaty here in Brussels this Friday. Instead of solving the bloc’s problems Unions believe it will only plunge Europe into a deeper recession.”

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