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More deaths in Syria as poll result announced  


More deaths in Syria as poll result announced  

Syrian activists claim 10 more people have been killed in Homs on Monday, bringing the total to no fewer than 40 deaths since Sunday’s vote on a new Syrian constitution.
Towns in the northwestern province of Idlib have also come under attack by government forces firing mortars and anti-aircraft guns, according to the opposition.
The unrest continued as the government announced almost 90 per cent of voters approved constitutional reforms in a referendum on Sunday.
Syrian Interior Minister Ibrahim al-Shaar said the ballot was successful. “In provinces known as ‘hot provinces’, such as Homs, in some areas and some neighbourhoods, armed groups prevented people from getting to polling stations. But other neighbourhoods witnessed a lot of people heading to polling stations, and people voted there normally and without any barriers,” he said. 
Turnout was 57 per cent according to state television.
The referendum was boycotted by opposition groups and activists who, along with the West, see the ballot as a cynical ploy by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stay in power.


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