Egypt adjourns NGO trial

An Egyptian court has adjourned until April the trial of 43 democracy activists – including 16 Americans. Only 13 Egyptian defendants were actually


Wade booed in Senegal vote

Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade was booed as he cast his vote in a controversial election expected to return him for a third term. The ballot


Syrians vote as bombs rain down

Syrians are voting on a new constitution as bombs continue to fall in several parts of the country. President Bashar al Assad says this referendum

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Children protest in Syria

It’s a seemingly implausible sight – a crowd of children marching safely in the streets of Syria, making a stand against the violent regime of


Bin Laden compound pulled down

Demolition work has started at the compound where al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces last May. In an unexplained move