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Five dead as Syrian troops shell Baba Amr


Five dead as Syrian troops shell Baba Amr

Syrian government forces again shelled the city of Homs on Friday in an attack which rebels say killed least five people.
The Baba Amr neighbourhood has seen the worst of the attacks over the past three weeks. Hundreds of people have been left dead.
The nearby town of Rastan has also been attacked. 
A man claiming to be a member of the rebel Free Syrian Army said his brigade managed to destroy an armoured vehicle there.
The rebel fighter said in an online video that the vehicle came from Russia, adding that this attack will send a message to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
“Putin and his weapons are now under my feet,” he said.
The latest bombardments come two days after the killing of two Western journalists in Homs.
Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik died when a makeshift media centre in the city was attacked.
On Thursday, Ramy al-Sayed, a citizen journalist with the Shaam News Network, died in the same area.
Meanwhile, three injured foreign reporters are waiting to leave Syria so they can receive medical treatment.
Paul Conroy, William Daniels and Edith Bouvier posted video messages on Thursday asking for outside help so they can get out of Homs.
The Red Cross said on Friday that it was trying to reach the trio to evacuate them.


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