Koran desecration protests continue in Afghanistan

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Koran desecration protests continue in Afghanistan

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In a third day of violence in Afghanistan sparked by the burning of Korans, another five people have been killed. This brings the total number of dead to 14 since protests began.

President Hamid Karzai is appealing for calm, as demonstrations take place in Kabul, Bagram and Jalalabad.

However, the Taliban is calling on people to target military bases and kill foreigners.

In a demonstration in eastern Nangarhar province, an Afghan soldier started shooting at NATO soldiers, according to reports from local officials and western military sources.

The unrest began on Tuesday after the discovery that foreign troops had inadvertently burnt copies of the holy book when disposing of rubbish. Afghan workers found the charred remains at the US-run Bagram airbase.

The commander of the NATO-led forces in Afghanistan has carried out an investigation and issued an apology.

US President Barack Obama also called his Afghan counterpart to say he was sorry for the incident.