Assad opposition voices grow worldwide

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Assad opposition voices grow worldwide

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The bloodshed in Syria has intensified the voices opposed to the Assad regime both within the country and outside it.

Tunisia is due to host a top-level meeting of the so-called ‘Friends of Syria’.

In Istanbul the Syrian Civil Society Organizations Union held their own conference.

The Union’s Ahmed Almoli told euronews: ‘I think events are now (moving) quickly. I think the regime is going for more killings, and I think they’re using all their weapons and doing all they can to kill any voice. So I think things are (moving) very rapidly.’

Even though world leaders at the highest level have expressed their revulsion to the killings in Syria, there has has been little public appetite for a Libya-style intervention.

Nevertheless Georges Chachan from the Syrian National Council told euronews in Brussels that there has been foreign intervention in Syria for some time. He claimed Iranians are there and Russian frigates are off the coast, representing intervention at a delicate time in the uprising.

There were protests too in Syria’s neighbour, Lebanon where troops had to keep activists from both sides apart.

Assad opponents also burned the flag of Russia, who along with China have scuppered two UN Security Council resolutions aimed at ending the conflict.