Shanghai court mulls iPad sales ban

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Shanghai court mulls iPad sales ban

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A Chinese technology firm is trying to block the sale of iPads in Shanghai, one of Apple’s biggest markets in China.

Proview Technology says it owns the iPad trademark in China which it used as the name of a desktop computer it made in 1999. Apple disputes that saying it bought the rights to the name from Proview three years ago.

Roger Xie, a lawyer for Proview, said the Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court will likely issue its decision soon or there could be an out of court settlement.

“Both sides have willingness to negotiate,” Xie told reporters outside the court.

“Official negotiation hasn’t started yet, and both sides will submit their plans before the talks. A settlement outside the court is quite possible.”

Apple’s iPad has a huge lead over rival tablet PCs in China, with a 76 percent market share. It has three Apple retail stores in Shanghai, with the two other flagship stores in Beijing.

Proview, a financially troubled technology company, has already petitioned Chinese customs to stop shipments of the iPad in and out of China, although authorities have indicated such a ban would be difficult to impose.

Over the past week, Proview’s efforts have borne fruit as local media reported that some cities have started enforcing Proview’s request to remove iPads.

Proview’s lawyers said last week it had won a lawsuit in the southern city of Huizhou against a retailer selling Apple’s iPads, possibly boding well for its case in Shanghai.