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Rami al-Sayed: the eyes of Homs closed by shelling

22/02/12 13:43 CET

Rami al-Sayed is one of Syria’s citizen journalists to have ignored state censorship in an attempt to show the world what is happening in their country.

He was killed on Tuesday during the heavy shelling of Baba Amr, a rebel stronghold in Homs, at the very centre of the uprising against the regime of Bashar al Assad that started just over a year ago. Human rights activists say he was killed by shrapnel when the building he was filming from was shelled.

Al-Sayed was born in 1985 and had a one-year-old daughter. He was one of the first citizens to film and upload what was going on in Homs.

Much of the footage he had uploaded to his Youtube channel Syriapionnier contains scenes of graphic violence that some viewers may find distressing.

Other images show al-Sayed filming the general atmosphere in Homs.

As well as some rare and more relaxed moments of detente in what has become an extremely bitter and bloody struggle.

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