Man stuck in snow for two months 'was hibernating'

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Man stuck in snow for two months 'was hibernating'

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Swedish authorities are investigating how a man survived after apparently spending two months trapped in his car in a snowdrift.

The 45-year-old who is recovering in hospital is said to be doing well given the circumstances. He was discovered by snowmobilers down a forest track about a kilometre off a main road in the north of the country.

They thought they had come across an old abandoned wreck, until they looked closer.

“The striking thing is that I’ve driven past here on the trail, 100 yards away, but didn’t react,” said Erika Bostrom, one of the snowmobilers.

The emaciated man was lying on the back seat in a sleeping bag.

He said he had been there since December 19 and doctors say they have no reason to doubt him.

He had long ago run out of beer and energy drinks. All he had to keep him alive was snow and ice.

“He had a warm sleeping bag and had warm clothes. Since the car was covered with snow, the snow insulates very well, as do the warm clothes,” said Ulf Segerberg, chief physician for Vasterbotten County Council.

Another doctor said humans can survive in such conditions by going into a near-dormant state, like a hibernating bear.

How and why the man ended up under the snow remains unknown.