Dozens die in Mexican jail riot

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Dozens die in Mexican jail riot

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Distraught families were left trying to find out the fate of their loved ones after a riot erupted between inmates at a north Mexican prison leaving at least 44 dead.

Relatives surrounded Apodaca jail, with some attempting to break down entry gates and complaining at the lack of information being passed on to them by the prison authorities.

One relative of an inmate called for someone to listen: “We want them to hear us. There are many family members here and there are many innocent prisoners inside that are injured. We need ambulances, we want the governor to listen to us, no one is listening.”

Police eventually secured the area, but so far the names of the victims have not been released.

According to a management spokesman those who died were beaten, knifed or stoned during a fight between rival gangs at the prison in the early hours of Sunday .

Deadly fights happen periodically in Mexican prisons because drug cartel rivalries often spread into the prison system where prisoners held on federal drug charges are mixed with other criminals.