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  • Bribery trial of F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone gets underway in Munich, according to AFP
  • China passes changes to its environmental protection laws, imposing tougher penalties on polluters, the most sweeping revisions for 25 years (Reuters)
  • A car bomb in central Iraq has killed eight people, according to police, report AFP.
  • Russia’s Lavrov says he expects Geneva deal on Ukraine will soon be implemented in practical actions (Reuters quoting Russian news agencies)
  • At least three foreigners are killed after a security guard opens fire at an international hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Thursday, Afghan security sources said (Reuters)

The Senegalese capital Dakar has been rocked by a fourth consecutive day of violence in clashes between police and opponents of President Abdoulaye Wade.

They have been protesting against his candidacy in a forthcoming presidential election, claiming his bid for re-election breaks rules on a two-term limit.
Their leaders have vowed to make the country ungovernable if he does not withdraw his candidacy.

At least five people have been killed in disturbances since last month when the country’s top legal body ruled that Wade could stand.

Voting has already begun ahead of the election on February 26, with police and soldiers being allowed to cast their ballots early.

With violence set to continue security forces are likely to be deployed in large numbers until the vote is completed.

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