Sarkozy and Cameron revive 'entente cordiale'

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Sarkozy and Cameron revive 'entente cordiale'

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If there was any lingering hostility between the British and French leaders there was no sign of it as Nicolas Sarkozy warmly welcomed David Cameron in Paris.

Britain’s vetoing of an EU treaty aimed at stabilising the eurozone in December infuriated the French president. But at the annual Franco-British summit both men stressed their close links on several issues, including nuclear energy.

Sarkozy said the two nations would deepen cooperation on civil nuclear energy and on defence. He also announced collaboration on a project to develop military drones.

Cameron underlined the importance of the countries’ economic ties. He said: “The economic collaboration is actually extremely strong. France is the biggest recipient in Europe of British investment, we are a huge recipient of French investment and we both want to see strong growth policy in Europe. We both want to see a stable and successful eurozone and when you look at the specific collaboration and cooperation we’re talking about, today, on the economy you can see the real benefit for both of our countries”

Above all the pair seemed determined to better coordinate strategies to avoid a repetition of last year’s fiscal treaty clash.