Immunity debate shakes up German politics

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Immunity debate shakes up German politics

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The Wulff affair has rocked the normally staid world of German politics and undermined the image of the presidency. As the scandal gathers momentum the CDU’s opponents are going on the offensive against the party, and the head of state it sponspored.

Green party leader Claudia Roth said: “We the Greens will do everything we can in the Bundestag, to ensure that presidential immunity is abolished as soon as possible so that the prosecutors can investigate this matter. In the meantime, at the very least, Christian Wulff should suspend his functions and not serve anymore as federal president”

The head of the Bundestag’s immunity committee indicated a debate on lifting immunity may happen soon. Thomas Strobl said: “our colleagues in the Bundestag will decide whether it (immunity) is abolished or not.”

A spokesman for the main opposition party, the SPD, said they would be in favour of a debate and that the coalition would probably have to agree to it.