Greece Olympic Games Museum robbed

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Greece Olympic Games Museum robbed

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Students led the protests in Greece on Friday, as the government waits until Monday for a crucial meeting with the eurogroup over the bailout loan.

There were scuffles between angry young people and police, as demonstrators vented their frustration about government spending cuts that have led to shortages in schools and job losses.

The scarcities could become worse now that the coalition has agreed to extra austerity measures meant to generate another 325 million euros worth of cuts.

Greece needs the 130 billion euro rescue package to make debt repayments due next month or go bankrupt.

With the additional austerity measures demanded by the EU and IMF, it is perhaps understandable that protesting young people outside the parliament building in Athens used slogans including ‘IMF go to hell’.

Spending cuts have also led to a robbery at a museum on the site of the first ever Olympic Games. Thieves broke in, tied up the guard and stole several artefacts. The level of security at the museum had reportedly been reduced to save money.

Lina Mendoni, the Secretary General of Culture, who is in charge of archaeological issues for the Ministry of Culture, said the museum is well protected but two guards were not at their posts at the time of the theft.

“About 60 to 65 small bronze artefacts were stolen, votive offerings for gods at Olympia. In any case it is a very sad and unhappy day. For us this is tragic, both for the archaeological community and the ministry of culture,” said Mendoni.

“It has a full security system, which was updated in 2004. At the moment we are waiting for material from the surveillance cameras which we have to see. But there should have been three security guards at their posts.” she said.