Algeria: dozens die in cold snap

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Algeria: dozens die in cold snap

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Think of Algeria and a snow storm does not usually come to mind. But the people of the Mediterranean country are having to get used to unprecedented amounts of the white stuff that have caused widespread chaos.

Dozens of deaths are being linked to the cold snap, amid traffic accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning caused by faulty heaters. And there is anger among residents of mountain villages which have been totally cut off, with fuel and food supplies dwindling.

“No gas, no semolina, we are dead in here,” said one man in the northern Medea region. “It seems like we have no officials, no authorities, no municipality, nothing!”

Supplies have got through to some areas, despite much criticism of the official response.

More than 40 people have died in Algeria’s cold spell.

The northern tip of Africa has been hit by the same weather systems that caused recent freezing temperatures in Europe.