Where now for Iran and the West?

Israel has wasted little time accusing Iran of being behind this week’s bombing in Thailand, and other blasts in India and Georgia. Tehran strongly


Spacewalk for ISS cosmonauts

Two Russian cosmonauts based on the International Space Station have ventured out to perform vital work on the structure. The six-hour spacewalk


Greek election prospects murky

Pallas Athena is antiquity’s goddess of wisdom, courage and inspiration. Where is she now? Is there a politician who can wrest this country from


Education and the Arab Spring

Uprisings have swept through several countries in the Arab world. From Tunisia to Libya, Egypt and others, the so-called Arab Spring has brought a


Erotic art

Ever wanted a bit more eroticism in museums? Well, you are not alone. A brand spanking new exhibition in Brussels has just opened but it is not for


Premiers, a tale of two films

Two very different films premiered at the Berlin International Film festival this week. The first, combines Nazis and space, a strange mix indeed


Olympus fraud arrests

Japanese police have arrested the former president of Olympus, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, and six others in connection with the massive accounting fraud at


Interactive window shopping

We have all heard of window shopping, noses pressed against the glass, counting down the hours till pay day but how about interactive shop displays