Israel accuses Iran over Bangkok blasts

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Israel accuses Iran over Bangkok blasts

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Israel has accused Iran of being behind three bomb blasts in a commercial district of Bangkok after an injured suspect was found to have an Iranian passport.

At the site of one of the blasts – a house said to have been rented by the injured man – Thai police showed a photo of an alleged accomplice.

The suspect’s injuries occurred when the bomb he was carrying went off. Five people in all were wounded in the blasts.

The explosions come just a day after two bomb attacks targeted Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia.

Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom pointed the finger of blame: “Iran has tried for a long time to carry out attacks against Israeli targets and against Jewish sites all over the world. We know that Iran and its collaborators are behind the attacks.”

After Monday’s attack against Israeli embassy staff in the Indian capital, plus the discovery of a bomb beneath a diplomat’s car in Tbilisi, Israel promptly blamed Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah. Tehran has denied any involvement.