Eurogroup cancels Greek bailout meeting

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Eurogroup cancels Greek bailout meeting

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There was disappointment as Greek politicians heard that eurozone finance ministers will not be meeting today to rubber stamp their bailout deal.

According to Brussels, not everyone in the Greek camp is committed to reform.

One party leader has yet to sign a pledge promising to implement the deeply unpopular package – a condition set by the EU/IMF lenders.

Greek Civil Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis expressed his irritation at the Eurogroup’s actions.

“Greece is making all the efforts that are required,” he declared. “The people can’t take anymore. The government is making superhuman efforts and we are past the point of exhaustion in the social and economic system. I think Europe should also take on its share of responsibilities, as Greece has.”

Despite the anger in Greece over more austerity measures in return for vital funds, European patience is running out over what it calls Greece’s broken promises.

However it is reported that the last remaining political party leader to sign up will do so today.