Pesticides giant may appeal French poisoning ruling

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Pesticides giant may appeal French poisoning ruling

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Leading US pesticides maker Monsanto is deciding whether to appeal a ruling by a French court that found it guilty of poisoning a farmer.

In a judgement that could have a bearing on similar cases the tribunal in Lyon backed Paul Francois’s claim that his neurological problems were linked to a Monsanto weedkiller. His symptoms included memory loss and headaches.

Reacting to the outcome he said: “We’ve shown that the company knew well for a long time that there was a problem with this product, that it was dangerous. It forgot that the farmers are it’s clients. We’ve seen what they thought of their clients. They continued to poison their clients and reap the benefits. It didn’t matter – they continued to sell the product.”

Francois claims the agri-business giant did not provide adequate warnings on the product label.

The court has ordered an expert opinion of Francois’s losses to establish the amount of damages to be awarded.