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Whitney Houston: Cause of death won't be known for weeks

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Whitney Houston: Cause of death won't be known for weeks


Tributes keep on coming but there will be no early answers about the cause of Whitney Houston’s death.

Coroners have confirmed that the star’s body was found in the bath of her hotel room in Beverly Hills, with no visible signs of trauma or foul play. However it will take up to eight weeks for toxicology tests to see if drugs or alcohol might have been involved.

Houston’s ex-husband, singer Bobby Brown, has flown into Los Angeles where the couple’s 18-year daughter has been treated in hospital for anxiety.

Grieving fans, gathered outside the hotel where she died, remembered what made Whitney Houston so special.

“She was an inspiration to our world,” said Lorraine Morgan. “She gave us beautiful music and I remember when she was very young and how vibrant her music was for us, to dance and feel good about ourselves.”

“I was so excited to hear that she had made such an effort to come back after everything she had been through, so it was quite a shocker,” Teri Renty said. “But one of the things that I loved about her was her absolutely beautiful, angelic voice.”

Yet drug abuse had taken a heavy toll on the 48-year-old. Her recent behaviour was described as erratic and her voice had been badly damaged.

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