Athens ablaze as protesters say 'no' to more cuts

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Athens ablaze as protesters say 'no' to more cuts

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Burning buildings, tear gas, petrol bombs – mayhem broke out in central Athens while lawmakers in parliament grappled with the future of Greece.

At least 80 people were reported injured – 30 of them police officers – angry protesters set around ten buildings on fire.

During the day an estimated 80,000 demonstrated outside the parliamentary buildings, but as night fell a small group of around 200 took on police in running battles.

Witnesses said the air around parliament was thick with tear gas as police tried to take back control.

Homemade bombs were thrown at the officers causing injuries and damage to cars and local shops.

Dire warnings had been made by the country’s politicians if Greece failed to secure a vital EU/IMF bailout but the prospect of yet further austerity measures are more than most Greeks can bear.