Israeli raid on Gaza kills one

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Israeli raid on Gaza kills one

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In Gaza the clearing up operation is underway following Israeli airstrikes in different parts of the coastal enclave.

One man has been killed and four others wounded in the attacks which agencies report the Israeli army confirmed in a statement. “The aircraft targeted sites belonging terrorist organisations in response to rocket fire on communities in southern Israel,” it said.

“I was home with my children who were sleeping when we heard a missile that shook our home, so me and my children ran outside. When we arrived here we found this place, hit by an F16, and we found a man under the sand with his son over there,” explained this eye witness.

Four separate targets were hit in the attack including the one on the group of militants in the south east of Gaza city.

Israeli radio reported the rockets which had been fired from Gaza were homemade and caused no damage or injuries. No one has claimed responsibility.