Egyptians celebrate a year without Mubarak

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Egyptians celebrate a year without Mubarak

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It is exactly a year since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, but while people have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square the huge Egyptian crowds of a year ago have not returned.

Impatience with the military rule is growing, and while many were there to celebrate the fall of a dictator, many were also there to criticise the army, who just a year ago had been praised for refusing to fire on civilians.

“We’d dub this day a ‘Celebration’ not an appeal for ‘civil disobedience’. Mubarak’s resigned, and everybody now feels comfortable. We got rid of Mubarak’s corruption,” said one man.

A particular target of popular anger is Marshal Tantawi. Protestors want Egypt’s de-facto ruler to bring forward presidential elections, not due until June.

Already crowds were gathered in the square last night for the anniversary, and shouting slogans against the army. One placard read: “You can carry on killing us, but we’ll continue to ask the army to go.”